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devar toys

When legends
come to life…

Bring Mayan culture back to life with Lost
Civilizations.In the world’s first live coloring
book for adults your creations come to life
exactly the way you have colored them!

Distant stars
at your fingertips

Learn about space like never before with detailed
3D models and interactive experiences on every page.
Travel to the faraway planets from the comfort of your
room with Augmented Reality space encyclopedia.

An exciting trip inside
the human body.

Study human heart, brain and other organs like never
before with Human Anatomy in Augmented Reality!
Learn about the structure and functioning of different
systems in a visual and transparent way.

Try the FREE demo now!

Download the FREE DEVAR
Books app for your device.

Color the picture
using crayons, markers
or pencils.

Download the K'uk'ulkan
picture on the left
and print it out.

Tap on the K'uk'ulkan icon
to open the AR camera.

Point the camera over
the picture and watch
it coming to life!


Did you know?

K'uk'ulkan in the Mayan language means "feathered serpent". lt was one of the main gods in the mythology of the Мауа. lt's cult is considered to Ье the most ancient one, that explains а large number of the roles played by this deity.

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