About us

We’ve resolved many issues in our lives using digital technologies.

We trust mobile banking apps with our money.

We trust messengers with our communication.

We trust social networks with our memories.

And we know who is making these products. These are the greatest and the best companies in the world!

But who do we trust with our kids?

How many products do they use? Are they safe? Do we know all the companies that have created these products for our kids?

We have taken care of everything except for our own kids.

Our kids are the generation of digital natives. Mobile devices have become a major tool to explore the world. Time spent with a smartphone or a tablet is increasing annually. But as parents, do we know how our children spend that time?

Every parent is concerned with upbringing and development of their child. How do you choose what exactly they need at different ages? How can you make a smart choice from millions of apps?

We decided to take this matter into our own hands and are making DEVAR an intelligent assistant in the kids’ development that aggregates all the required educational content.

DEVAR is an educational and entertaining content platform for kids and family that combines traditional objects surrounding kids in their everyday life (toys, books, other products) with digital content in the form of AR characters and educational courses or tasks. DEVAR environment generates an individual development pattern, taking into account kid’s age, previously acquired knowledge, preferences, country and their environment.

We are resolving a growing conflict between the world of physical products and the world of digital ones, by uniting them in one system. Using the augmented reality technology, DEVAR is creating a paradigm shift in the way kids use traditional products and combine all of their preferences, hobbies and acquired knowledge into a unified digital profile.

Kids under 14 don’t need social networks. They learn, explore and develop. They need real-life communication with their peers and physical books, instead of the digital ones. They need to develop foundational cognitive skills.

To do this, they need a system that will have a multiplicative effect on their activities, the one that can assist, suggest and help them achieve the best results. They need a system that will not replace real-world communication and will not take physical objects away from kids’ life (as most of the apps are trying to do today), but the one that will become a seamless extension for physical products.

Our goal for the coming years is to help every 10th family in 200 countries of the world change their environment by making things more useful and the world more convenient using DEVAR’s Helpful Reality.

DEVAR for Business

What is the most valuable resource? It’s time. Time is the object of competition. We are competing for kids’ time and attention.

DEVAR is an ecosystem where kids interact with the world of physical things through the digital content familiar to digital natives. Its main instrument is a mobile device.

The manufacturers of kids’ toys, books and other goods can move their products from the traditional market to the entertainment and edutainment market using augmented reality as an extra value for their product. For many manufacturing companies this will make a blue ocean strategy. Augmented reality becomes a part of the product by increasing the amount of time spent using it.

We unite kids’ product makers setting a path for them into the world of attention of generation glass kids. Today we are working with partners in 40 countries, including toymakers, publishers and other kids’ companies. We’ve united more than 150 companies and this is only the first step. We are introducing kids’ favorite characters into the real world and make them truly alive together with international brands such as Hasbro, Nickelodeon, Rovio and others.

We care about our kids. Every child is talented and digital technologies allow to create instruments to develop any talent using a personalized educational path. Freedom of choice and concern for performance of our kids are the main pursuits of DEVAR.

Our products are created by a team of likeminded people who share the same goals and values.

The main word in such a team is YES!

YES to innovation!

YES to changes!

YES to ideas!

YES to each other!

YES to users!

YES to partners!

YES describes our desire to solve a task or a problem. YES is the motivator to create new functions, properties and solutions. Our every action and every result directly affect modern and future kids. To surprise and to inspire – this is what we can and strive to do.

  • The Team. The dedication to be the best at what you are doing, the infinite hunger for knowledge and skills, the constant implementation of new services and features to create revolutionary products for our users and consumers, the effective cooperation and mutual support. This is the profile of a DEVAR team member. The people who believe in each other and are willing to work together, the ones who know how to share highs and lows can achieve great results.
  • We are results-oriented. It’s the results that mark our way to reaching the goal. Process for the sake of the process is not our approach. Every great idea requires an equally brilliant implementation. The execution of these ideas allows us to share them with the user. The result is measured in both speed and quality.
  • DEVAR is no place for such phrases as “I don’t know” and “it’s impossible”. We are innovators and explorers. We are ready for discoveries and we are craving for them. And at every stage of our activities we are know that they lead to improvements. What leads us to new discoveries and therefore to an outstanding outcome? An inner and outer challenge motivates us to look for solutions able to change the product and transform the lives of our users.
  • Everything is for the sake of users. The emotions they experience interacting with DEVAR is our main value. We care about users’ emotions and impressions. We imagine what a child will feel bringing a character of our book or toy to life. We create our products based on it. The result of our every minute is emotions and development of our kids.
  • The world is made of details. Our every action should make consumers using our products happier. Our every step affects how much more useful, more convenient and more exciting we make the world around people. Our products are made to send millions of kids on a space trip and uncover the secrets of the planet, turn them into explorers, creators and architects of their own universe. We want to make time spent using smartphone or any other mobile device meaningful and educating.

Technologies transform the world and DEVAR takes part in this transformation as well. We are not afraid to ask “what if…?” This question is encouraging us to change and makes us better. Creativity is everywhere and it knows no bounds. We are the real magicians that believe in the amazing power of imagination and creativity.

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Anastasia Ly Business Development Director

General Inquiries: hello@devar.org